It is important to move with a licensed moving company that will offer you insurance during your move. When moving with Oxnard Moving Company, you can rest assured that your items will be covered from start to finish in addition to our movers avoiding any damage to your belongings during your move at all costs.

Not every moving company you find offers insurance, so it is important to find out this piece of information before you hire anyone to tackle your move on your behalf. When moving with Oxnard Moving Company, your items will be insured from the moment our movers arrive, until the completion of your move.

Moving companies have different policies when it comes to how much they charge. Moving companies often offer cheaper rates on weekdays as this is when they most likely have empty slots they want to fill in, as opposed to weekends when most people are looking to move.

We at Oxnard Moving Company pay our movers which means that we do not include tips in our rates or obligate you to tip our movers. However, tipping them as a nice gesture for a job well done is something they will appreciate and be thankful for – this decision is completely up to our clients.

Not every moving company is licensed, but it is vital that you hire one that is. Oxnard Moving Company is a fully licensed and insured local moving company that will always provide you with an impeccable moving service that you will be content with. We are among the most reliable moving companies in Oxnard CA.

When you choose to move with Oxnard Moving Company, we will provide you with our available slots for your move to take place on. You will choose the best day for your move, and the best time – and the arrival window we will provide you with afterwards is GUARANTEED. This means that our movers will always arrive on time.

Moving companies have different policies about the way they charge. Oxnard Moving Company starts charging once our movers arrive at your location and start working, and stop the clock once your move is completed in full and every item is settled into your new home safely.

Once your move is completed with Oxnard Moving Company, our movers will provide you with a final bill that is constructed based on the total time it took to complete your move – and this is when you will pay them. We offer multiple payment options, and you can find more about this by giving us a call.

When moving with Oxnard Moving Company, we require you to pack your personal items into boxes before our movers arrive on the day of your move. Our movers will help wrap and protect your furniture and larger pieces and efficiently load everything onto our moving truck.

Contacting your moving company at least 4-6 weeks in advance is the best time to do so, and if you are planning a weekend or end of the month move during moving season (summertime), make sure to reserve your movers at least 6-8 weeks before the day of your move. Moving companies tend to get booked quickly during this time.