Tips for apartment moving

Tips for apartment moving

Moving an apartment is probably the most underestimated moving task. Everyone’s thinking that it must be pretty simple to move one because it’s smaller by its size and therefore it must be less complex. But, in reality, things are a bit different. Moving an apartment requires a lot of planning and organizing because there are more parties involved. Besides you, there is your building management, and you will have to coordinate the process with the rest of the tenants. When you put it this way, you figure that you will need a good moving plan and decent apartment movers to help you execute it. And we are here to give you some tips that will be useful when planning a project like this one.

Building management

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Before you start calling local movers, you will have to check some things with your building management. You will be a middleman between your local movers and your building management, so make sure to do your job the right way – it will make your apartment moving way easier. Here are some points that you should check with your building management.

Are there any local movers that are used by the building?

Some buildings have a list of allowed local movers that their tenants can use. Before you hire your apartment movers, make sure they are on this list. Of course, this is not the case with every building in Atlanta, but just so you can be sure, check. Most of the local movers have cancellation penalties when you cancel your move or they will keep the deposit, so you don’t want to lose your money unnecessarily.

Before you set the moving date…

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After you found out if you can use local movers of your choice, check if there are some restrictions regarding the moving date. Some buildings don’t allow local movers to come on weekends or weekdays. Or they might have some time restrictions, such as moving after 6 pm. I have heard of a lot of cases, so you should double-check what are the rules for moving in and moving out of your apartment building.

Certificate of insurance

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Many buildings require your local movers to provide you with a certificate of insurance. This is a document that will prove to your building management that your professional movers will be accountable for any damage to the building property, such as elevators or hallways. And not just that, with this document your local movers, guarantee that they are responsible for their team. Apartment movers are already familiar with this document, and they will ask you if you need this. If so, you just need to get building requirements from your building management and forward them to your local movers.

After a few days, you will get your copy of a certificate of insurance. Most local moving companies will do this free of charge, but you need to know that you need to ask for it. Your building management can send you one in PDF form so you can forward it to your local movers. 

Elevator reservations

To keep things organized when it comes to moving in and moving out, many buildings require their tenants to reserve the elevator. If you want your local movers to use the elevators freely, make sure to check this. Usually, these are two or three hours windows, so you will have to coordinate the arrival window of your local movers with it. 

Speaking of apartment movers… If you don’t have the elevator, make sure to let your local movers know if they will have to use the stairs, because that might change the moving plan. Usually, this just means they will want you to add a couple more local movers to keep things safe and efficient.

Any other restrictions

Different buildings have different rules, so make sure to check if your building management has something else to add to this list. It’s always best to be prepared. And don’t worry, sometimes building management might not have any requests.

Finding local movers to help you

After you have found out everything that you need to know about the rules that your building has, it is time to start looking for local movers. If this is your first time moving, you are probably lost and have no idea where to start. So, let’s go step by step!

Where to find local movers?

Where to find local movers, apartment moving

If you have any friends or neighbors that moved recently, ask them to recommend the local movers they used. Word of mouth is the safest bet when it comes to hiring apartment movers. If you cannot find anyone who can help you with this, you will have to consult the internet. You can find anything there! A good way to start your search is to type local movers near me and choose around 5 moving companies you would like to call. Make sure to read their reviews and check their websites before calling.

Unfortunately, the moving industry still has quite a bad reputation, and there are many shady local movers out there. You want to find professional movers who can make you feel safe, so you need to read the reviews to see how they are handling any issues that accrued. Don’t be scared if you see a couple of bad reviews, those are completely normal in the industry such as moving. The main thing is how your professional movers are handling those. After you have found some local movers that look like they are for you, call them to get quotes. 

Check if your professional movers are insured

Rule number one when you are planning to have a stress-free move is to hire licensed and insured local movers. You might think that professional movers are licensed, but that is not the case. This is pretty simple to check, you will just have to spare a couple of extra minutes.

Check if they can meet all of your requests

When everything above is confirmed, you want to know if your local movers can meet your requests. This is the most important part, so make sure to ask them everything that you would like to know and that is not clear to you. You will have to provide your professional movers with the basic information about your relocation, such as the size of your home, are there any heavy items, stairs situation – so make sure to prepare that information before calling.

If your moving situation is specific or you have some special requests, check with your local movers if that is possible to happen. Don’t forget to ask your professional movers what services are included in the price, and if some additional charges might surprise you on your moving day. See if you should lay down the deposit to secure your spot. 

What arrival window they can offer

As I mentioned, after you have checked with your building management everything regarding your reservations and restrictions – you need to know what arrival windows your local movers can offer and if that fits your needs. If this matches too – you have found your perfect professional movers. Congrats! Usually, local movers can be flexible when it comes to the arrival window, but you will have to confirm that too.

Other things to have in mind

There are a couple more tips that will help you prepare for a smooth and stress-free apartment moving. We named a couple of the most important.

Providing a parking spot for your local movers

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No matter the type of your move, your local movers will need a parking spot for their truck. In every situation, the customer is responsible for providing it. In case you are moving from an apartment building, you probably have a garage there, so check if you can use it. Also, check if the moving truck can fit inside. The other option you have is to apply for a parking permit outside the building. Make sure to apply for it a couple of days before the moving date, because it cannot be issued in a day.

If you don’t have time for this, you might try to block a parking spot with your car and park it elsewhere when your local movers arrive. You should know that if your professional movers are issued with a parking ticket – you are the one to pay for it. 

Organize your new place for moving in

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Your new place should be ready when your local movers come there with the furniture. Before the moving date, check if you need to finish some last-minute repairs or if you want to change the color of your walls there. Since you are paying your local movers per hour they spend working, you should have a layout of your new home rather than having professional movers carrying the same furniture around because you are not sure where to put it.

Also, transfer your utilities before the moving date, so you can feel at home from the first moment. Oh, and don’t forget to change the address. You want to get all of those packages and mail them to the right place. 

Hire a babysitter

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A moving site is not a place for kids! You will have local movers carrying heavy furniture around, doors will be open, overall it will be one chaotic situation. Not only you don’t want to worry about their safety during the move because you will have other things to think about, but this might also be stressful for them. The same rule applies to your pets. They will be freaked out seeing local movers taking away your furniture, and it might cause additional complications that can easily be avoided. Make sure you find someone you can trust in advance to take care of your loved ones. You will all be able to enjoy yourself together once you get to your new place.

Don’t procrastinate with packing

The common mistake that people make when it comes to their apartment moving is to start packing too late. You are thinking: “Ok, I live in this one-bedroom apartment, I don’t even have that many staff”. No! Don’t go there! It’s not true. Once you start packing you will see how many items you can store even in tiny places. After you realize that, you will start panicking and packing super fast, which will lead to many damages to your items. So, if you don’t have enough time, hire your local movers to help you with packing. And if you have time, make sure to start in time, at least a couple of weeks before your move.

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You should also declutter and get rid of everything that you don’t want to see in your new home. I can bet there are many things. If you decide to hire your local movers to help you with this, you won’t have to prepare anyhow, you will just have to open the door for your professional movers who will take care of everything else for you. But if you are doing it on your own, the general rule is to be packed up and ready to go at least a day before your local movers arrive. Make sure you packed an essential bag that should contain everything that you might need on a moving day and during your first night at your new home. And get some quality packing boxes, they will keep your items safe during the transport.

And one last piece of advice – label the boxes and make sure to add notes for your local movers so they can know if some boxes are fragile or require special handly.

Set the deadline for unpacking

Professional movers cannot help you with unpacking, you will have to do it on your own. That is why you need to set a deadline for unpacking. If you don’t do so, we can bet you will be living surrounded by piles of boxes for weeks, maybe even longer than that.

Looking for the best movers in town? You are in the right place! Oxnard Moving is the right choice for your upcoming apartment move. Just make sure to give us a call and get your free moving quote today. We are looking forward to helping you with your move.

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