Top 6 Neighborhoods To Move To In Ventura

Top 6 Neighborhoods To Move To In Ventura

The convenience of living in Ventura can’t be found just everywhere. The close proximity to the beach and recognized by its laid-back community, Ventura is nestled between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, offering endless opportunities and everything your heart desires within a short drive – not that Ventura doesn’t boast some amazing benefits of its own. With gorgeous natural trails for hiking and biking, breathtaking views of the ocean and a myriad of dining and entertainment options located in downtown, you will quickly realize why Ventura is considered to be one of the best places to live. If you want high quality of life in a suburban atmosphere while still having the big city amenities at the tip of your fingers – Ventura might be the perfect option for you.

However, choosing a neighborhood in Ventura can be a tough decision, as each neighborhood offers something different. This is why we broke down some of the most popular neighborhoods in Ventura and hopefully you will find one to call home soon.

Thousand Oaks

Situated just north of LA, Thousand Oaks is one of the favorite choices of families that are searching for a safe suburban community that also has excellent public schools. Being one of the safest communities and offering its residents a large selection of green spaces and recreational opportunities to choose from, Thousand Oaks offers the perfect small-town atmosphere and tight-knit community feel. With spacious homes that come with a reasonable price tag, Thousand Oaks is the perfect choice for those who want to stay near the city and have easy access, while still getting a lot more for their buck than they would in Los Angeles itself.


If you are moving with your family and are looking for a friendly community with amazing schools, Oakpark is calling your name. A true small-town vibe makes Oakpark very unique, and in addition – it is surrounded by larger communities that offer a large selection of amenities, entertainment and dining options and everything you could possibly imagine. With only 30 minutes to the beach by car, and an hour away from LA, Oakpark offers its residents easy access to any activity they could think of. The perfect suburban community that can provide you with a high quality of life, Oakpark might just be the best choice for you.

East Ventura

If you are looking for an escape from the city, East Ventura can be the perfect option for you. Offering a more rural lifestyle than the rest of Ventura, here you will easily be able to find a living space of large sizes that are on the more affordable side, along with a vibrant community center that offers a lot of outdoor entertainment opportunities and is located just in the center of East Ventura. If you want to slow down for a while and leave the bustle of the city behind you, East Ventura can offer you just that – along with breathtaking landscape and perfect weather.


You might’ve heard about Moorpark a few times before, as it has been ranked among the best places to live many times before. The neighborhood of Moorpark is small when compared to the larger neighborhoods of Ventura County, but it offers its residents a strong sense of community which attracts a lot of new residents to call Moorpark home. With easy access to the beach and amazing landscape to check out, Moorpark never runs out of outdoor activity options with its endless array of parks and recreational opportunities they offer.

Downtown Ventura

With a thriving community and vibrant culture, Downtown Ventura is truly an amazing space where everyone is welcome. With locals and tourists alike exploring the amenities downtown, you will love visiting the large number of bars, local restaurants and art galleries that can be found around every single corner. With palm tree-lined streets, you will love taking in the beauty of downtown while checking out the antique shops, historical buildings and boutiques that are scattered around the area. With a friendly community, unique dining scene and true Southern California culture, you will love taking in every second of the comfortable and exciting life Downtown Ventura offers its residents.


Nestled in the valley of the Topatopa Mountains, living in Ojai is truly like running away from the city life and settling down in a private community. Located about an hour away from Santa Barbara, and an hour and a half from LA, Ojai is a secluded neighborhood with a population of around 8,000. With a vibrant artistic community, Ojai offers its residents a unique lifestyle and culture that can’t be found just about anywhere. With local wineries galore and beautiful natural trails to choose from, Ojai can provide entertainment to almost everyone with its variety of things to do and places to visit. A beautiful environment, secluded lifestyle and quaint, friendly community – Ojai is the perfect place for those who want to experience something truly new and different.

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